See what people are saying about us!



See what people are saying about us!

My wife and I started at Crossfit Unwavering in Early March 2015 at the recommendation of 2 dear friends. I was extremely hesitant as I have never been able to stick with any kind of exercise even though I was very much the athlete in high school back in 1988 (Yes I am kinda old). Due to lack of exercise I peaked out at 270 pounds back in 2008. When we started in March I was at 250 pounds unable to sleep, no energy and suffering from neck and shoulder pain on a daily basis. My initial goal was to lean up and get stronger to help my slowly diminishing Golf game.

I have to be honest the first few days I seriously wanted to quit. The Pain and then I met Mr. Burpee! This is where Jimmy and the rest of the Crossfit Unwavering Family changed my entire outlook on exercise and wanting to get fit. The best way to describe this place is “No egos and constant positive reinforcement”. Jimmy and Stephanie are wonderful at explaining the exercises and making you feel like you belong. All of the people that come here to work out are very helpful assisting with technique and show a genuine concern for your overall improvement. There is a very family feel to this place which allows me to be myself and just work on getting fit.

This journey started with a friend’s recommendation. The current road I am on has changed my life! Mr. never sticks with exercise is stuck on Crossfit! I owe so much of my success to Jimmy, Stephanie and the rest of the Unwavering Family. We are closing in on 5 months in August. I am down 35 pounds and feel better than I have in the last 15 years. Sleeping better, no more neck/shoulder pain and I am starting to see my stomach muscles again. The golf game has improved dramatically as well (more endurance along with improved distance and accuracy).

Bottom line we want to feel good about what we are doing and are we seeing results. I can only say I FEEL GOOD! My wife and I both signed up for 1 year memberships because we are getting RESULTS.

If you want to change the way you feel about exercise and working out you have to visit this place! I cannot say enough positive things about Jimmy and my overall experience so far at Crossfit Unwavering.

— Marc D.
Crossfit Unwavering is by far the best box I have ever been to! I have been doing crossfit for four years now and have had the opportunity to visit boxes all over the country, for work, and none compare to Unwavering. Jimmy is an extremely knowledgable and approachable coach, the programming is spot on, and the community is unrivaled. I have made more strides at Unwavering in the last four months than any other box I’ve frequented. I felt welcome from the first day I walked in and have seen how athletes here, of all levels, work together in the true spirit of crossfit! I consider myself extremely lucky to be apart of this box! Do yourself a favor and come check it out!
— Stephanie C.
I joined CrossFit Unwavering in January of 2015. I wasn’t new to CrossFit but new to “the Box experience”. I had lots of apprehensions. Jimmy and his community quickly put me at ease. The CrossFit Unwavering Community is unlike anything you will ever experience. Jimmy is a big reason why the Unwavering Community is so special. We all became friends very easily. We are all there to watch each other succeed, and there to pick you up when you have given your all. Crossfit is available for all fitness levels. Jimmy and the other coaches take you step by step through every movement so you do it correctly and efficiently . The encouragement that the coaches and other members give you makes you want to push yourself harder each time, to show how much you have learned, and how much better you are for it. Crossfit Unwavering is a life changing experience. The Unwavering family will be there every step of the way.
— Brennan F.
I hate working out. I absolutely loathe it. This hate relationship with exercise hasn’t always been the case. I lived a more healthy life style when I was younger and over the course of 10 years it just changed. It became less of a priority and more of a pain. I began making excuses to avoid exercising and I had no self control when it came to diet. I knew I had to make a change after getting my cholesterol numbers back during a routine check up and having my Doctor give me the “talk..” I started counting calories and trying to be more active which helped, but it was hard for me to stay motivated. It was still too easy for me fall back into old habits. I decided to give Crossfit a shot. I found myself at Crossfit Unwavering with a free days pass and I haven’t looked back. Jimmy Hall is the owner and head coach. He’s a nice guy that holds me accountable and motivates me to be better. In a short time, he has successfully created an Unwavering culture and a “Cheers” environment where everyone welcomes you when you walk through the doors. The Box has athletes with varying fitness levels and Jimmy takes the time to demonstrate movements, answer questions and share the appropriate modifications as needed. He coaches you based on your individual goals and doesn’t try to fit you into some one size fits all mold. Although, I still hate working out, it’s become more of a love/hate relationship due to Jimmy’s coaching style and Unwavering Box atmosphere.
— Julie R.
I am not new to Crossfit but I feel like I have learned so many new things since I started at Crossfit Unwavering. When I heard Jimmy was opening a box I didn’t hesitate to sign up and I have never once been disappointed in that decision! I have received amazing coaching each and every class period. My technique is constantly being tweaked to make me a better athlete. My kids absolutely LOVE coming with me to Crossfit and playing in the kid area. They think it’s fun to watch “mommy get strong” and I love the example it sets for them. Jimmy, Stephanie, and David are all fantastic coaches who are always willing to go the extra mile with their athletes. They will scale any workout to your level no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced athlete. You will always get the best workout of your life at Crossfit! Don’t hesitate, come try it out! The community is the best and will welcome you the instant you walk in!!!
— Hillary H.
There is no shortcut, it’s Blood sweat and tears.. Period... So humbling to see these pictures and how far I’ve come. Friends, no excuses, Just grind until you get were you want to be and then grind harder....Big thank you to everyone CrossFit Unwavering for pushing me to go harder! Couldn’t have made this progress without ya guys!
— Jeff H.
I thought a traditional gym was where it’s at, but after finding CrossFit Unwavering I realized how much I was missing and how much I still needed to learn. I’ve had a habit of always getting some type of injury (back, knees, calves and shoulders) CrossFit Unwavering and Coach Jimmy Hall have literally fixed me. He has taught me proper form, technique and to be patient. After only a few months I’ve become even stronger, and no longer afraid to try certain exercises in fear of getting injured again. Although it’s a class environment, Jimmy makes it feel more like a one on one training. We have even made it a family thing. My wife, son and daughters also attend. Thank you Jimmy, the other coaches and CrossFit Unwavering.
— Eddie T. 42 years old.
I love going to crossfit unwavering!! I feel supported by everyone every time I walk through those doors. You’ll definitely get a workout!!

Jimmy is such a wonderful coach. He’s always pushing you to be a little faster and to get one more rep. He really encourages you to be a better you, not just in fitness, but in life too. It’s AMAZING!!!
— Shermeka H.
I joined Crossfit Unwavering in late 2014, I can say with no doubt, it was the best decision I made the year. When I first started I was very skeptical of the workouts since I was recovering for a injured arm. My first time at the box I felt welcome and Jimmy Hall took time to listen to my concerns and doctor recommendations. The first couple of week Jimmy took time to explain and modify every single movement to my fitness level.
It was rough, I was sore from muscles that I had no idea I could be sore from, however the encouragement I received from Jimmy and the rest of the box kept me going back every day and now crossfit has become an essential part of my everyday life.
I am very thankful that I joined this awesome box, and to have such a great coach that pushes me to become better every day, and a great support group that is always encouraging each other and great friends.
I am now so much stronger and fit that I have been in the past years, my confidence level has completely change, now I look forward to achieving RX in every WOD, and when I do not it makes me work harder the next day.
I have lost so many inches, and build muscle, I love the way my body looks and feels, is the best reward to know you are earning your body and becoming healthier.
I am not where I want to be yet, but I am sure I will get there with the support of Coach Jimmy and the rest of the team.
— Cinthia V.
I started with Crossfit Unwavering in August 2014 and my husband started later in December. We both had done the gym thing and home workout video programs over the last several years but had lost some of the motivation to commit fully to our physical fitness due to boredom and lack of variety with the workouts. Although we heard about Crossfit and seen some of the competitions on TV, neither of us knew what Crossfit was all about. From the moment we started, Jimmy, the owner, has been supportive and encouraging in helping us to reach our individual goals. His knowledge and patience makes the workouts not feel so intimidating and he stresses the importance of technique and safety. The workouts are great and can be adapted to your fitness level. The environment is conducive to meeting your goals, no matter what they are. From the excellent trainers to the other members, everyone is always positive and supportive until the last person finishes the workout. It really is a team-oriented atmosphere that is motivating and fun.

If you want a truly great Crossfit experience, we recommend Crossfit Unwavering.
— Jennifer & Marc J.